Scourge of the Ganges :

The story has it that when Bhagiratha wanted his ancestors to reach heaven after their death, he needed their ashes to be purified by the water of Ganges. To achieve this, he undertook an arduous penance and brought the Ganges to earth. It is for this reason that Hindus from all across India till date mix a part of the ashes of their dead in the Ganges.

It is hard to believe that there is a place on the planet where people go to die, but it is on the sacred banks of Ganges and in the timeless and ancient city of Varanasi, that people come to await death.


It is believed that those who die here and are cremated on the banks of Ganges will attain Moksha— a state where there is no re-birth. Millions flock this city of temples not just to take a dip or visit Lord Shiva (God of death) at the Kasi Viswanath temple, but also just to spend the last days of their life on these blessed territories.

It is fabled that it is during this special period, that only arrives after 12 long years, that the gods and goddesses from to earth very speed. Millions and millions people come together quickly to plunge , in what is arguably the biggest and largest festivity on the planet!

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